Mukhiani is a micro district in Tbilisi, Georgia. It is on the outer most edge of Tbilisi and mostly consists of soviet style concrete buildings made with precast concrete slabs. Here a lot of families live together with very small means and many are jobless. People live with a lack of advancement opportunities as the economic conditions are very poor.

Even though Geogia has a deep drinking culture, many people fill all that free time with drinking, also early during the day. Most often Chacha is served, a very strong home-brewed moonshine, in combination with bread or cucumber. Many Georgians also claim Chacha has medicinal properties and would help one with all kind of illness.

Mukhiani was once covered in oak trees, the Mukha-oak. In the 70s the deforestation and house construction started. First used by the Soviet Army as a Tank Base, it was later transformed into a little settlement. Soon more concrete slabs apartment buildings where built in the 1980s to create and found a new micro-region. Still these old grey buildings are home for generations of Georgians.